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Beyond the Mat

The Book Beyond the Mat is a life time of lessons that has been learned and experienced on the mat as a martial artist, and how we take those hard lessons Beyond the Mat to real world experiences. The read will be enjoyable. Order your autograph copy TODAY...


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About Author

Mark Cox has been involved with owning Martial Arts schools for 40 years, he has produced over 700 Black Belts. He brings a lifetime of experiences on and off the mat. His wisdom and life lessons learned from teaching, coaching, mentoring, and competing has contributed to life “Beyond on the Mat”. Mr. Cox holds several Black Belts (8th Dan Tang Soo Do-Chuck Norris System), (5th Dan Krav Maga), (1st Dan Hap Ki Do), (Purple Belt Sergio Machado Jiu Jitsu).


Mr. Cox brings his experiences to life as a best selling author, motivational speaker, and still teaches his students that grit and grind will produce growth in your life. He brings a balance of humor and real talk to the table, meeting people where they are in life and helping them navigate a positive outcome in life experiences

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Topics Covered In The Book



The meaning is as follows, firmness of mind or spirit : unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger: This book will take you through some of the struggles and hardships and what I did to forge forward with a relentless will to win.



Grind in life means: : one who works or studies excessively.. I worked a job as a pool man and then taught in the evenings, I rise early and grind all day, then repeat it. This is what self discipline is. The book will take you through some life lessons on the grind, having a never quit attitude, beating the odds while helping others.



Life lessons, beyond the mat, has been so rewarding and difficult at the same time, my growth as man as a human being has been a God driven lesson in courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control and an indomitable spirit. My hope is the lessons I have learned can now help and encourage others to pursue a life of excellence.

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